As a government contractor, NVE, Inc., strives to provide exceptional value to our nation’s taxpayers by managing costs and delivering value above and beyond expectations. It’s our privilege to support federal, state, and local governments by providing our expertise as effectively and efficiently as possible. This is more than an opportunity for us; it’s an obligation.


At NVE, Inc., we provide exemplary service to federal, state, and local governments by leveraging technology, implementing innovative business practices, and cultivating an employee-first culture. It is our goal to always be:

  • Professional,
  • Dependable
  • Cost-Efficient


At NVE, Inc. we embrace nine core values:

  1. Performance. If it’s in our contract, we’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done. No shortcuts, no excuses.
  2. Integrity. We’re open and honest. We do what we say we’ll do, and you’ll be kept in the loop throughout every project.
  3. Accountability. We make sure our employees do what they’re tasked with. If a problem arises, we fix it.
  4. Respect. You’ll see it in our attitudes towards clients, employees, and vendors. We’re all in this together. We have the highest respect for everyone we work with—and for the work we do.
  5. Efficiency. We’re not big on frills and we constantly strive to improve our internal processes. In the end, we’re working with taxpayer money, so we strive to keep costs down and deliver the most value possible to our clients.
  6. Discipline. We’re diligent in everything we do. We don’t stop until the job is done—and done right.
  7. Patriotism. Not only do we do everything we can do to support the missions of the federal agencies we work with, but we’re well aware that taxpayers write our checks. We do everything in our power to provide the greatest value to the American taxpayer.
  8. Social Responsibility. NVE is dedicated to our community. We proudly provide support to various local and national charitable organizations.
  9. Environmental Sustainability. We’re devoted to saving energy and finding ways to protect our environment. NVE carefully vets all equipment and materials, making certain we’re using the greenest option practical to each job.